[NEW BUILD GAMER] How this system looking for a budget gamer 1K ish


May 10, 2009
You won't be able to SLI with that mobo, but you seem aware of that. Given that, I would think the 750W PSU would be overkill and you could do with less.

For gaming, the 955 isn't the best price/performance, and if you're going into that price range just build an i7 rig. AMD wins the price performance battles with the 720 (3 cores) and 940 (4 cores).

You can get cheaper memory then that, and make sure that it fits with your cooler.

I don't know about that cooler, and it doesn't have many reviews. I'd go with a tried and true cooler like the Xigmatek Dark Knight or Schythe Mugen 2 (and make sure you get thermal paste, like Arctic silver 5 or Tuniq TX-2).

Switch out the HDD for a 640GB WD Black. 32MB cache and 2x 320GB platters make it much faster than yours (or a 500GB with 32mb cache for that matter).


Jun 8, 2009
you are correct i was aware of the non sli possibility but i never have a want or need to run sli. My main purpose for this build is gaming but i should have stated that i use it for just general use just as much. I would call it more of a weekend warrior gaming PC. As far as the cooler goes i read a lot of good reviews on other sites about it. I have always used thermaltake coolers and i stuck with them. I was drawn to this because it has a low profile compared to most other coolers and again my love for thermaltake.

I have always done a little overkill on the PSU because before i build a PC i see a lot of "your PSU isnt strong enough" and for the price difference a little overkill is worth it. and you knows someday i may want to light my Xmas tree with it.

I am shooting in the dark with the memory fitting with the cooler though. i never considered that. thanks for bring that up.

As far as the processor goes i was a little undereducated when i ordered and i read a lot about the AM3 becoming the new AMD standard so i figured i might as well start with AM3 on this build. again its a weekend warrior gaming PC.

As far as the HD goes ive owned 3 WD HDs in the past and ive had them all fail on me. But in there favor i have not owned one in many years and there reliability may have made leaps and bounds, i dont really know. I just stick with the brands that i know that i have good luck with. and in todays market it seems like luck is all you have on your side.

thank you for your input especially about the memory fitting with the cooler, i never thought about that.