[SOLVED] New Build: Having strange issue with Sleep mode freezing computer

Jul 29, 2019
First I will give some specs on my new build (built on 7/27/2019):

Ryzen 2700X with Wraith Prism
Asus x470 Prime Pro
Corsair Vengeance RGB pro 16 gbs 3200MHz 2x8
ADATA m.2 512 GB hard drive (boot drive)
Samsung SSD for game storage
Corsair RM750x White edition PSU
Sapphire Nitro+ RX 580 graphics card (carried over from old machine)
NZXT H500 Case
Windows 10 64 bit Pro

Settings I have enabled:
Performance Boost Overdrive is enabled
DOCP is set to 3200 for the RAM
Ryzen Power Plan enabled in Windows Power settings
Machine is set to go to sleep

I have been having an issue with my machine going to sleep and then not turning back on AT ALL, like it was losing power or something and I just could not turn the computer back on, push the case button, nothing. I figured it was the PSU so I pulled it and replaced it with an older one I had and boom, the computer turned on just fine. I’m thinking, OK bad PSU, so just for my own curiosity I took the new PSU and hooked it back up but this time outside the case (other components still in the case), and the machine turns on and runs fine. I’m thinking ok, maybe a loose connection even though they were tight.

Now we are at the point of the even stranger issue…I have my computer set to go to sleep, it usually works fine. However at some point during the night the computer will either turn itself back on, or never does actually go to sleep because when I come back to check on it after a number of hours, the screen is off, the keyboard and mouse are lit up and the computer itself is running. In this state I cannot wake the machine back up, I also cannot turn it off with the case power button. I have to pull the power on the PSU and reconnect it, then I can turn the system back on. I should also note that the machine is not connected to the internet (although it did this same thing when the network cable was plugged in as well).

Other than this issue, the machine is running perfectly fine, it will not crash on me while using it, I am really only experiencing this issue with sleep mode but it is driving me nuts. I am thinking maybe it could be the PSU after all? Could the CPU be over heating? I’m using the stock Wraith Prism cooler, but there is nothing really running when this issue is happening, the load is very low. I am using the ASUS suite software to control the fans, but the fans are all running like they should be.

my next course of action is to pull the Corsair PSU, hook up the old Thermaltake again and let it run all day to see if it freezes the machine again. Unless you guys think I am just spinning my wheels looking at the PSU.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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