New build help/No video ouput


May 15, 2016
so, decided to take a jump into pc gaming. Got myself a new build.

Msi Z170 gaming pro
Intel i5 6600k
Corsair h100i cooler
Asus gtx 970 turbo
1 x 8gb corsair lpx vengence RAM
2TB seagate HDD
And a nzht white s340 case with their 550W haleb82 v2 psu.

Have pretty much everything plugged in, hdmi connected from the back to tv. When i turn it on, the board and all the fans and lights come on, fans spinning, everything. There are no red leds on cpu vram or vga on motherboard, but there is no video output on the screen. The only thing is that one side of the leds on the motherboard are flashing up and down in sequence. The other side is solidly on. There is also a white light close to the plug on the gpu. What am i doing wrong? Im pretty sure all of the parts are compatible.

Im not sure this is in the right forums section, move if needed.
"hdmi connected from the back to tv."
Try borrowing a monitor, install Windows and the graphics driver, and then you can use the tv.
Or try using the VGA on tv, if available.