Question New build help: no video output, solid red light

Jun 29, 2019
Hello! I'm looking for some possible help with trouble shooting my new build PC. I have a video of the issues at play but it won't let me post for some reason. My issue is that the PC will power on, however there will be no video output (tried both on board graphics and GPU), and there is a red light on the motherboard, it starts out signaling the CPU but quickly switches to the DRAM and stays solid on that. The PC will also power down every 20-30 seconds or so, then boot right back up. I cannot power down the PC by pressing/holding the power button during any of the this. The only way to shut it off is to flip the switch in the back. I've tried placing the ram in different slots as well as making sure it's seated properly. My specs are as follows:

-Z390 Aorus Pro Motherboard
-i7 8700k CPU
-Gigabyte 1060 ti 6GB GPU
-850W power supply
-16GB (8x2) G.Skill Ripjaw V DDR4-2400 ram

I don't quite remember what my HDD and SSD are off the top of my head. I've seen where some people have had similar problems before, but none are exactly what I'm dealing with and I've never seen a return post reporting a fix. I'm sorry in advance if I've stated something poorly, I'm quite the novice at this. Any help would be greatly appreciated!