Question New build issue. Need help!

Dec 29, 2020
Hi guys,
Yesterday I spent the afternoon helping my brother to build his new PC. I’ve done a few builds before so somewhat arrogantly put everything into the case and when I tried to boot, the pc fans would spin for 2 seconds, a light labeled CPU on the motherboard would briefly light up and the motherboard RGB lights would also light up, and then they just die, the pc would then spin again for 2 seconds and die again. It would repeat this until I turned the power supply off.

I ended up taking everything out of the system to breadboard the system, until I was just launching the motherboard, CPU and ram attached to the power supply out of the case. The PC still does this restart loop with a different power supply, RAM in different slots and no ram at all and with another CPU cooler. I also took a look at the pins and they all looked fine, however [I will attach a picture just incase I have missed something] View:

Here is a video of the issue while the computer is in the case. As mentioned this persists when i'm breadboarding with just the motherboard, CPU and power supply connected and still happens with a confirmed working power supply.

Is it safe to say at this point that the motherboard is just faulty and I should just get an RMA? I’ve never had an issue with a build so I’m not sure whats going on. Thanks for the help!

Edit: Here is the link to the parts list, for some reason it won't format correctly so apologies for the link!
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