New build issues


Feb 3, 2009
I have just built a new PC, 1st time for over a decade, so it was a new experience for me. I have:

Asus P6T x58
I7 920
Evga GTX 260 core 216
G Skill 3x2GB tri-channel ram (on approved list from asus)
WD 640 GB caviar black
vigor monsoon cooler
Corsair 750W P.S.
Windows Vista 64bit

My issues are this:
Any time i try to use N-Tune to look at the gtx 260 advanced info, the computer instantly BSOD's. It recoevers ok, but don't know how to fix.

When i restart the computer (from windows), it doesn't restart-it just shuts down and doesn't comeback.

I am getting some video flicker in Oblivion where i can occasionally see my desktop background on part of the screen during gameplay. Framerate is great. I can play Crysis perfect, great framerate (45+, high settings with 4x antialiasing).

Any ideas?
What is a good software utility to monitor system temperatures and settings? (clock freqs, etc).
What is good benchmark tests?



Dec 24, 2008
CPU-Z and Realtemp to monitor your settings. Use Prime95 and Memtest86+ to stress test your ram and CPU.

I have heard of issues using NTune...Riva Tuner is better I think for overclocking the GPU.