Question New build loses signal to monitor frequently

Feb 13, 2019
Hello everyone.

Here are the stats:

Gigabyte B450 DS3h
AMD Ryzen 7 1700 (not overclocked)
Corsair Vengeance LPX 8GB 3200MHZ x2
Corsair VS550 PSU
Samsung EVO 500GB SSD
MSI Radeon RX580 8GB
Windows 10 Education.

The PC ran smoothly with consistent daily use for over a month. Then one night I fell asleep while streaming a movie. I woke up to the screen blurry and frozen, the CPU fan and RGB light were still functioning normally. It wasn't responding to the mouse or keyboard and I wanted to ack to sleep so i just did a hard shut down by holding the power button. After that it slowly started acting up when using browsers. It was infrequent at first, maybe every 2 or 3 days. But halfway through a movie the audio would start to lag and sound completely off, and the pitch would drop and sound like a cheesy slow mo effect. Then the picture would go blurry and freeze. Then the monitor loses signal after a few seconds. Just like the first time, the CPU fan and light still look as if the computer is on, but it doens't respond until i hard shut down or or use the reset button. I did notice that if I used my USB headphones, it would sometimes make it through a whole movie. I even tested it by plugging the headset in the instant the audio started to change and it actually worked and it sounded fine for the rest of the movie. It eventually got to a point where this would would happen withing 5 seconds to 10 minutes of the turning the pc on, but it always happened. The one exception that I've found is that if i manage to fire up Guild Wars 2 before it freezes, it runs perfectly for ever. I've played for over 6 hours straight with no issue(with or without the headset). Then I shut the game down and open youtube and it freezes within 5 minutes.

In the early stages of having issues I thought it was a hardware issue, so I isolated everything I could and found no issue. I used a different power supply that I had laying around and it had the same issues. I tried each stick of ram individually and had the same issue both times. I put the graphics card in a different PC and it worked flawlessly for hours. After none of these helped, I reinstalled windows and disabled all updates, hoping that it was just a windows update since i didn't have issues for a month in the beginning, still to no avail.

I have not flashed a BIOS update. I'm not all that knowledgeable with this stuff, so I thought I would consult people with more experience before I attempt anything else. I'm at a complete loss at this point so I'd appreciate any help.

It's probably worth mentioning that i did try new hdmi cables, but not a new monitor. My PS4 works perfectly with the monitor, though.

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