Question New Build - Monitor/Mouse/Keyboard has no power

Jun 13, 2021
So I've seen a few related threads, however it seems to be people who have already had access to windows who've had this issue. I just built a new system and while I get power to all fans, memory, etc, I cannot seem to get power to my mouse/keyboard or get anything to display on the monitor. The pc has does not have anything downloaded yet and is literally being booted for the first times. This means I have not seen startup, bios, etc.. I thought maybe my PSU was just too weak, however I seem to read that it should be just fine. Everything is brand new. Am I missing something here? I've done all the reseating of the RAM and other components just in case. Same issue. I should add that my arctis pro wireless headset hub seems to be powered fine and recognizes that it's connected to a PC. At this point I'm just exhausted and confused. I'll post my build:

Crosshair VIII Dark Hero
AMD Ryzen 5900x - EK Waterblock added
Nvidia 3090 FE - EK Waterblock added
G.SKILL F4-3800C14Q-32GTZN 8GB x4
Corsair RM 850x
Samsung 980 1TB M.2
Samsung 980 Pro 2TB M.2
Seagate BarraCuda 4TB HDD

It's also powering a Pump/Reservoir combo from EK, 8 EK Vardar fans with RGB, and Corsair Commander Pro as it's watercooled. Not sure if this is important since it's power related.
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