New build motherboard probs need extreme help


Jul 31, 2012
so heres my specs

core i5 3570k
radeon hd 7850 oc gigbyte
motherboard asrock z77 pro 3
g.skill 1600 8gbs of ram in 2 modules of 4gbs
power supply corsiar CX600 600watts

so when i turn my power on on my motherboard i get a long beep around 3 seconds i would think.
thats with my CPU, Video card and a couple of fans hooked up one is CPU fan for hyper cooler 212 evo

now if i have my ram in the computer boots up then shuts right down ive switched ram modules useing one at a time or ive moved them to all the differente locations 4 locations on the motherboard to see if the slots were damaged they arn`t

ive taken the ram out and put them in my own pc and i get the full info of them on my motherboard witch is the same as the new computer iam trying to build

ive checked CPU by puting one in my pc and it works fine

there must be something wrong with the motherboard slots or motherboard period

i have the motherboard just on a cardboard box bench to make sure it wasn`t my case that caused the proplem

if you have and suggestions or info plz comment and help me out



Mar 25, 2011
Well. One long beep code usually means a RAM problem.
And if the RAM is good then there is more than likely a problem with the motherboard, I would take it back and get a different one if you can.

Try resetting the BIOS by pulling the battery, its a long shot, but it might help.

Also try running with out the video card and RAM sticks to see if you get different beep codes. Then add just the video card and see if the beep codes change. Then remove video card and put the RAM in and see if you get the long beep code again. If you do then something wrong with the motherboard.