New build, need a decision on psu and cpu cooler


Dec 28, 2012
Just bought the MoBo and the case, trying to decide some stuff, almost sure on gpu, tho it can still change

MoBo - Asrock Z77 Extreme 6 (already bought)
CPU - Intel Core I5 3570k
Memory - Gskill 8gb (4gb x 2)
Case - Fractal design Define R4 white (already Bought)
HIS ICEQ Radeon HD7870 2Gb
Seagate 1TB HDD 7200rpm
Asus Xonar Essence (not sure what version, i want dolby headphones for gaming)
ATH AD700 Headphones
Cm Cooler Master Quick Fire Pro SGK-4010-GKCR1-JP keyboard (yes, japanese keyboard, im in japan)
Logicool G600 mmo gaming mouse (already have it)
Steelseries QCK mousepad
Samsung MZ-5PA128B/AM SSD 128gb
Doubts on

CPU cooler
Sound card (i will buy it, i want dolby headphones)
Additional cooling units (fans)

PSU, im not sure what to buy people tell me that seasonic 520 is my best choice with this build tho, any adivces would be awesome
CPU cooler, my memory will have heatsinks, some cooler that would fit, maybe zalman 9900 cnps? i will OC it
GPU, not sure on the cooler on ICEQ, maybe a stock card with a custom cooler?
Sound card, i want a xonar essence, just not sure on the version, pci or pci-e? something that fits well on my MoBo?
I dont know if i can change the fans configuration or if i should, i didnt build the pc yet, and/or if i should add some more fans?
Other than that any advices, thoughts on this build, i would greatly appreciate, thank you!


Hyper 212 EVO for light to mild OCs

Antec, SilverStone, PC Power & Cooling, Corsair are good brands for PSU

You dont need a sound card unless you are doing music production the onboard sound is good enough

Crucial M4 SSD is another great SSD to use


Dec 28, 2012

I need the sound card to use real Dolby Headphones, ive tried them on a friends place, and believe me, if you try it, you will NEVER use crappy onboard sound again and be ok with it...


I would say for the fans and sound card look for ones that everyone is using cause not many here actually use them do that by going to newegg or whatever your preference is for buying parts and look up the highest rated/reviewed


Nov 30, 2014
I agree with the Hyper 212 EVO.
I wouldn't really recommend getting an ssd, I just don't really see the benefit when I can get 1tb for under $50, but then again i'm always on a budget.
As for extra fans I would get a coolermaster 120mm sleeve bearing for the front.
Evga is making power supplies and they are both good and cheap.
I'm not sure on the single fan gpu design but I don't know what the tdp is, dual fan would give nice temps anyway weather its needed or not.

And then I look at the date...
I haven't ever felt the need for a separate sound card so I cant say anything about that.
Best of luck!