New build, need advice for choosing CPU ($300 give or take)


Dec 8, 2012
Hello readers,

I'm looking for advice as to which cpu I should choose for my new build, I'll be getting the parts this month or boxing day depending on prices.

I am going to use this build for video editing, gaming, photoshop (light to moderate editing), and as a DAW.

My budget is around $300 (give or take for shipping), and I can either get the i5-3570k OR FX-8350 and a "decent" motherboard for around $100-130, or spend it all on an i7-3770k.




My main questions are:

- Does the i7's hyperthreading offer a significant boost over the i5 and 8350, when it comes to video rendering times and resource heavy VSTs
- Is Intel or AMD the better choice, in terms of upgrading, compatibility, and reliability
- Will the 3570k or 8350 last for at least 4-5 years
- Also the i5-3570k seems extremely popular for new builds, is it really the all-round and most bang for the buck chip?

Parts to upgrade: CPU and motherboard
Parts I have: -PSU: Cooler master GX650

-RAM: Corsair xms3 4gb 2x2

-Case: MSI interceptor series nighthawk

-Storage: WD Green drive 1TB (2 of them)

Monitor resolution: 1680x1050 not upgrading yet

But right now I'm focusing on the CPU, I have everything else sorted out including video card (7870)

Why am I upgrading? Old computer. Pentium E2200 OC on air @ 3.0GHz, Gigabyte GA-G41-ES2L, 4gb Kingston HyperX ddr2, ATI v7700 512mb workstation graphics card. It's almost 5 years old now, still usable, just barely keeping up with my workflow and games.

So share your advice/recommendations here, and/or your experience as an owner of one of these cpus. Also please let me know of any good deals out there. Hope I can decide by the end of this week.