New build - Need advice


Sep 1, 2011
Hi All Pros'

I need Advice please ''

please tell me what other components would go well for my new 1st build

i particularly need help matching a good processor and Motherboard

my needs are to build a unit that I will not overclock , will still run well and cool and wont be obsolete next year .

I would like my motherboard to support the front and rear USB 3.0 provided in my corsair case .

I have never bought and installed a mobo and processor before and would like some feedback and tips on a good match for my build

i plan on using my system primarily for gaming ( Battlefield 3 ) and surfing and other odds and ends.
- No Neon lit fams or watercooling, Simple and fan cooled

What products do you recomend for my:

1) Motherboard: ?
2) Processor: ?
3) Ram: ?
4) SSD drive to run Windows 7 Pro 64Bit : ?
5) anything else ?

I look forward to hearing from u all



My Build So far : ( Components I have already )

Windows 7 Pro 64Bit

Case: corsair obsidian 650d

PSU: corsair TX 850 W

Video Card: XFX HD 6950

Harddrive: HItachi 2TB 5400


The components you've got so far look really good, id have been tempted to get x2 1TB SpinPoint F3 HDD's and run them in RAID 0 but never mind :)

Is there a reason you dont want to over-clock? Or is it a case of your not sure how to?

An i5-2500k and a z68 motherboard would be a great choice for your build, and most motherboards, if not all, support automatic-over-clocking so you just click a button and it does it all for you.

You've gone for a good PSU size that will allow for another 6950 to easily be added in CrossFire if you ever want to. Huge, and very nice case :) It seems a shame to limit build potential by dismissing over-clocking. Not to mention more and more games are trying to be more CPU intensive, and less GPU intensive. Just check out the difference the CPU makes on Deus Ex: Human Revolution,review-32259-7.html



Sep 23, 2011

the best choices for now will be going on a z68 mobo + intel i5/ i7. You can forget the "K" series since overclocking isn't what you wanna do. Or wait till AMD's bulldozer comes out to compare.

Now you want 3.0 usb on your front panel, all z68 mobos I saw till yet have an usb 3.0 outgoing pin, you just need the right cable to connect it to the front panel (some mobos propose the cable in their bundle). What concerns the manufacturers they're all more or less quality equal, I'd say it will depend on your budget (and a review roundup on the web could help you for the choice). Personnally I'm very happy with my Asrock which offers awesome features for the price.

And what concerns the assembling, you just have to follow what is said in your product manual ;) .