[New Build] No boot using DVI, boots on HDMI


Dec 27, 2012
Hey guys. For Christmas I received custom components to make my first mid range gaming computer. After putting them all together, I plugged it in through DVI into my old monitor and it would boot nor make any beeps. After using the checklist for troubleshooting on these boards, and nothing worked, I assumed I fried my motherboard while installing it. But before I gave up I tried using an HDMI cable and plugging the computer into my TV. It immediately showed the bios so I assume the motherboard just does not have a speaker, hence the no beeps. I am currently installing Windows onto my computer but I do not want to use my TV as my monitor, I want my old computer monitor. I tried using each of the two DVI ports on my videocard but neither would work, when plugging the cables in the power on the monitor would go on for a second but then it would not detect anything and would go to power saving. Any ideas as to what is going on?

Here are the components:

i3 3225 Ivy Bridge
Sapphire Vapor X Radeon HD 7770 OC Edition
Gigabyte ga-h61m-ds2
coolermaster extreme 500w psu
antec 300 case


Oct 27, 2012
To be honest that is quiet odd, Hdmi works but Dvi does not. I would say it was a case of not turning off the on board intel graphics chipset in the bios, and forgetting to set the default as the Pci-e card slot as default primary graphics output. Give it a try It looks like that is the problem. Have a look in the bios while using the tv, change the settings and save them then switch over the monitor with the dvi cable connected to port one.