Question New build not booting/no POST ?

Dec 5, 2022
Hey all,
So im absolutely baffled and have run out of ideas at the moment with my new build.
i9 12900k
Asus ROG Z690-F Wifi Mobo
Asus TUF 4080
128GB Corsair Dominator DDR5 (2 kits of 2x32GB Kits) - I do also have 64GB (2x32GB Corsair Vengence)
Asus ROG Strix 1,000w PSU
Corsair H150i

To explain where im at:
Christmas came and system built, booted and was okay as I installed Windows on my M2. Drive (Initially with the 64GB Vengence DDR5 installed).
All good there, did some updates etc... and was initially fine. After a while it crashed, and took a few attempts to reboot but thought nothing of it as it can happen.
When it booted, Installed Asus Armoury Crate and went to install drivers from there, and update BIOS/Firmwares etc.... All went as normal, another crash happened after all this and after the installations etc... finished.
Got it back running after a few attempts again, started installing programs, games etc... and it crashed again, however this time it is more severe, and either of the following happens:
  • When plugged in, just RGB on the board shows, no post, no fan movement
  • When letting charge leave the system after fully unplugging, it very occasionally boots (around once every 2-3 hours). If I can make it onto Windows, I dont have enough time to look at event viewer errors to look into the issues
  • When Resetting CMOS, again occasionally boots (around once every 2-3 hours), however seems to do this itself and not by me pressing the power button, I can go through BIOS and make the changes as needed, restarts, hangs, then turns itself off or needs a hard power off.
  • If I take the GPU out, sometimes it boots, sometimes it doesnt, hard to tell if this is making any difference.
  • With Peripherals plugged in, with non plugged in, and just Display and Keyboard, and non seem to make any noticeable difference
Theres no Q-LED lights showing on the board indicating any errors.

Now I figured the Vengeance wasnt listed on ASUS Approve RAM list (I know manufacturers lists are more extensive) but figured i'd buy some more just incase that was the issue, and given id been saving a long while for this, got the 2 64GB Dominator kits. But the same as above occurs.

In terms of additional testing the following has been done:
  • CPU check and reseat, along with cooler
  • RAM reseat (with both sets)
  • RAM 1 stick at a time in the A2 slot as ASUS recommend
  • Power button tests and that works fine
  • Used Intel's Processor Diagnostic tool, it got 3/4s of the way through it and PC Crashed
  • Tried MemTest via Bios, got 70% through and turned off (Using 64GB Vengence)
Its not my first build by any stretch and have been making my own PCs going on 20 years now, but this one is a real headscratcher and I can't think of anything I may be missing.
Any ideas/suggestions/advice would be hugely appreciated!
Thanks in advance
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Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

it crashed
Do you mean it rebooted or the application closed to desktop or the screen hung up with no option for input from mouse/keyboard?

Could you please state the BISO version for your motherboard? Your motherboard has a CrashFree BIOS 3(page 3-4, section 3.4) feature, see if that helps revive the system with the latest BIOS reflashed on the board. I'm leaning on a corrupt BIOS or a faulty BIOS at that since your board is having issues with recognizing components - which is why the Q-LED's would be non operational. It could be that you have a faulty CPU but that would mean having to drop in another known working processor onto the baord(and doing the same with your processor onto another motherboard) to conclude that hunch.
Dec 5, 2022
Hey there and thanks for the reply!
Apologies, I should have been more specific, each time I stated crash there, is was a case of screen hanging up and not being able to input on Mouse/Keyboard.

In terms of BIOS, I have just managed to boot it and saw it was an older version. I have since managed to update to the latest Intel ME version and Bios 2103 per their site. (I did not realise this and wont be trusting Armoury Crate with BIOS related matters in the future).
I managed to do the above by removing the GPU, and leaving it out of the case, and resetting the CMOS by removing and reinserting the battery (not sure why but the button doesn't seem to be consistent each time).

Event viewer didn't say much specific aside from some errors recorded when inserting/removing the USB stick, and was fine for a good 30+ mins.
Ive since gone and put the GPU back in the case, however it is an instant no posting at all (even though RGB is working on the Motherboard).

I have removed the GPU again, Reset the CMOS via battery removal, and it posted again.
In terms of Q-LEDs there was the following:
Orange/Amber on DRAM
White on VGA
Green on Boot
Eventually DRAM went out, VGA went out, Boot stayed on and the PC turned itself off.

I have then unplugged it all, left a few minutes to fully drain of power, whilst also checking CPU power pins, plugged back in and posted to BIOS.
After updating it as normal and allowing it to restart, it has hung up during the restart process (black screen, everything on but no post) requiring a hard power off (Power button also unresponsive).

Waiting for power to drain again, power button was responsive, and did not post, hanging up on the DRAM Q-LED for several minutes and turning off (similar to the prior Boot QLED event).

Without waiting for power to drain, and leaving everything plugged in and on, I pressed the Power button after a few seconds, in which it powered up and posted straight away. Going through the F1 BIOS steps, saving and allowing the restart, it has since not posted and shown no Q-LEDs, left a blank screen and turned off.

Repeating the CMOS battery removal, going through BIOS settings, restarting, im now back on windows, Ive managed to get some copies of event logs saved, and onto USB, and have left idle on Windows for the time being while I begin looking through them.
As I say im quite confused as theres no one consistent error, be it GPU installed/not, no consistent Q-LEDs staying on etc... so its really hard to identify the issue and pin down.

Edit: I since dropped my phone on my desk from about 4 inches height (my PC is laid on its side on it while testing), and it turned itself off. Power button unresponsive. So turning off, letting power drain, and booting back up it got to windows straight away again.
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Dec 5, 2022
So as a means of update:

I decided to shut it down, and while windows closed down and the screen went to power save as no display was coming, the rest of the machine to around 3-5 mins to power off fully (RGB and fans were still going).

In terms of event logs, please find attached:
I should not all the above was with no GPU plugged in to the machine.
Curiously, when looking, 0 errors at all were shown in the Hardware Log (hence why I haven't included).

While I'm assuming this doesn't mean for definite there are no hardware errors, hopefully that's a more positive sign.
It is curious though that I struggle booting more when the GPU is connected, however I cant flip the CMOS battery out to do that as easily as it sits right under the card, so would mean constant seating/unseating which wouldn't be good for the connections.

A corrupt Windows installation wouldn't have anything to do with this at all would it?
If not, my only other assumption at this time is that BIOS needs heavily tweaking to garner a stable platform for everything to function normally?

Thanks again