Question New build or refresh one last time


Aug 10, 2017

Its been a while but I need more power.
I have an old x86 system that is working fine but now I really want/need something more.

P6T se
Xeon x5670 on 212 evo
12 gb ddr3 (triple channel)
Gtx 550 ti

Benq zowie rl2455 = 60/75hz (because I game on my PS4)

I use this pc mainly for htpc and used to play some settlers or old anno games. I game on my PS4.
Anno 1800 is comming and I want to play it. Ryzen 3000 is around the corner so a fresh new build upgrade would be justified.
I mean it’s been more than 10 years but i can still smell the fresh paint you know ;-)
Now that I need a modern gpu for anno 1800 I also want to give PC gaming a real chance (Apex Legends, Destiny 2 etc.)
I don’t need 144 fps, Im used to ps4 so 40-60 fps is fine. Everything above is extra. Also my monitor is 75hz max I think.

Now... a new build is going to ask a lot of money... GTX 1660 Ti, new ram, new mb, new everything! 1000-1200 dollar


I saw videos that something like a gtx970 or rx470-480 still does a great job if you don’t need crazy fps.
After a lot of research, I came up with the plan. Extreme Bang for buck... yes yet again on this legend x86 platform.

I can oc my x5670, I don’t need max but let say @3.8 ghz is more than enough.
I figured that my old psu maybe needs a retirement anyway so a new one is needed in both scenarios.
I can get a gtx970 for around 90 dollar and boom! Anno 1800 and Apex legends on 1080p high @60 fps

Or more BAAANG for buck... a rx470 mining edition with single dvi (i have my av setup for sound) for 40 bucks and flash it with original rx470 bios and go!


1... New build with ryzen 3000 and new gpu 1000-1200

2... buy a rm550x or 650g3 psu for 100ish and gtx970 for 90ish =190

3... buy a rm550x or 650g3 psu for 100ish and rx470 mining edition with dvi for 40 = 140 bucks!

Option 1 is best but expensive and maybe I don’t get into pc gaming and stick with ps4. Waste?

Option 2 is solid I guess and will be enough for 1080p high as not highest @60FPS

Option 3 is the most fun to achieve. And I can buy a good gaming mouse and keyboard. Also 1080p no highest @60FPS ish

Thanks for reading and let me know what you guys think.

Kind regards,



Aug 10, 2017
I thought rx470 and gtx970 are also similair maybe 5 fps difference.
What psu would you take 550 is good enough for new tech and high end gpu.
I think the gtx970 is still a bit power hungry. 650 watts for that one? I also going to oc.