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Apr 17, 2010
The new build will be dedicated to working with video, graphics and similar.
Plus, I want to future proof it as much as possible.

For reasons I won't go into here and now, I have a brand new, unopened, ASUS Prime Z390-A sitting her looking for a job.
I intend to base the new PC on it.

In my present work-horse PC, I am now using a 750GB 2.5" SSD as the boot/app drive.
I'm not using more than half its capacity right now.
I have used as much as 2/3 of it in the past.
i have 5ea. 1 & 2TB data HDDs in the present PC with 3 additional being used as external drives.

The Adata XPG 8200 PSIe is highly rated.
What I'm finding is that their 1TB version is only a little more than any 480/500 GB versions out there right now.
I'd hate to buy a 1TB drive and only use 350GB of it.

Q - 01.
I have always placed scratch disks on separate HDDs from the boot/ graphics apps drive for faster access and application response.
The M.2 should be able to hold the scratch disks and still perform reasonably, ..maybe?

I do intend to go back to using a RAID 1 configuration on the new PC's storage HDDs with scheduled back-ups for the boot drive.
I've lost quite a bit of stored data to HDD failures lately.
I'm paranoid about the data loss potential with the newer LARGER HDDs.

Q - 02.
If I do install 2ea M.2 PCIe SSDs, I assume setting them up in a RAID backup configuration is an all but useless gesture?
But, they could be JBODed without loosing much if any speed, ...maybe?

I do have more questions, but they're not about storage.
I'll ask them elsewhere.

Q-01, Reasonably ?? Hell yes, better than any other disk. Waaay better.
Q-02, I presume you mean RAID 0 ? Useless although may look good on papere and benchmark. Likely to be slower if second M.2 is not NVMe compatible but only x2 (SATA).