New Build POST Problems (All Parts Replaced)

Jun 27, 2018
So, I'm not normally one to ask for help, but I'm really stumped. I'm doing my first build, trying to be as careful as possible. I put this build together on pc part picker.
Gigabyte b360m ds3h mobo
Evga 1050 ti
2 4gb geil evo portenza ram
Hitachi hard drive
Evga 500w ps
Raidmax ninja 2 case

I put it all together, and it gave me a beep code with five long beeps. I looked it up, incorrectly seated ram. I fixed it, and started it back up again. Then I got 5 short beeps. Process error. So I replaced the cpu. Still error. So I replaced the mobo. Still error. Now I have replaced the ram, and it still won't work. I've reset the cmos twice. I bought entirely new ram 2 4gb Patriot signature pc4-19200, and I have tried every slot with both types. I've tested it outside of the case as well. I really can't figure this out. I'm making this post in the vague hope someone has a similar experience that might help, though I suspect I might just have to start over. Any suggestion for similarly priced equipment known to work would also be appreciated.

P.S. I have photos of the board if people think that would help. I didn't want this post to be too long.


Do you have any success without the GPU installed, using the onboard graphics?

Between the memory errors, followed by CPU errors - I'd be inclined to suspect bent pins in the CPU socket.
BUT, since you've replaced the board.... I'd assume not overly likely - but certainly won't hurt to check.

Using the stock CPU cooler? If aftermarket, make sure it's not too tight.
Jun 27, 2018
I have checked the socket and everything seems fine to me. This isn't a good photo, but this is what it looks like.

I am using the stock cooler, and I have it adjusted according to the directions it came with.
I have tried booting without the Gpu and that has not helped either. I have not managed to receive any video from the on-board graphics or the dedicated card.

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