New build powering off tries to boot but then restarts


Mar 20, 2012
I built a new computer for my future mother in law and have run into a bump in the road. I have only used two of old parts from a past build. Here are the specs

CPU: Intel i3 3325
MOBO: Gigabyte B75M-D3H
RAM: 8GB(4x2) corsair ballistix sport
PSU: Antec NeoPower 500 watt ( old build)
HDD : 500 GB Seagate barracuda
Case : old build

I got so frustrated that I took my build and installed Win 7 on her drive. Since it would turn off and restart in the middle of the install. I checked them ram on my build and it passed. That only leaves the MOBO and the PSU.

Now that windows 7 did install. Now it goes like this

1. Turns on beeps and posts
2. Goes through CMOS
3. Starts doing the windows 7 orbs floating
4. About 5 seconds into the boot screen it shuts off and restarts

Any ideas? It will continue to loop unless I shut it off.