Question New build problem

Jan 29, 2022

here are the components ;

  1. be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 rev.2
  3. Intel Core i9-12900K
  4. be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4 with LGA 1700 adaptor
  5. 32Gb G.Skill Trident 6000mhz
  6. Kingston Fury 2Tb pcie 4
I put the computer together. Booted from my installation media and installed and updated Windows with an old graphics card.
When I had a little spare time I swapped the old graphics card out for my RTX 3080ti and added a fan to the top of the case. The motherboard lit up but the computer wouldn't start (no fans spinning, no error codes, just flashing LEDs and the stock animation on the OLED screen on the mobo... I could sometimes hear a very quiet click from the PSU (1000W Dark Power from be Quiet!) when trying to turn the PC on...
So I took the graphics card out. Tried again with the same result. Unplugged the new fan and nothing changed.
I tried clearing the CMOS, resetting the RAM, removed and replaced the battery (just in case) to no avail.

I then noticed that there's a "Switch BIOS" button on the mobo which had an orange LED lit up above it so I thought that it couldn't hurt to try pushing it... I was wrong... The LEDs and animation on the mobo went off...
I noticed fairly quickly that nothing was working from the surge protector so I went downstairs to check the fuses and one was down so I pulled it back up and the surge protector and everything connected to it was working again - apart from the computer.

This isn't my first build. I've never had any trouble before. I've searched all over the internet and couldn't find anything that could help.

I should mention that I stress tested the CPU for about 30 minutes when it was working so I'm fairly sure that the CPU and air cooler aren't or weren't to blame.

Any help would be appreciated.

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That's some expensive build with DDR5 RAM and 3080 TI. :rolleyes:

In any event, what you describe is most likely dead MoBo. So, i'd be RMA'ing the MoBo. And it may not just stop there. Since when you hooked up your 3080 TI and GPU pulled a lot more from PSU, which in turn pulled far more from surge protector, causing the circuit breaker to trip. Now, that sudden power loss might have damaged PSU as well. So, i'd be RMA'ing that one too, just in case. While in the mean time, cross your fingers that your GPU survived.

Going forwards, and avoiding the same mistake you did, you should also buy an UPS. Since when there's a possibility that your circuit breaker cannot cope the power-on voltage spikes of your PC, UPS can cope with that. And if breaker should trip again, UPS will keep your PC running, thus negating the same circumstances that already happened, while also keeping your hardware safe.
Jan 29, 2022
thanks for the reply.
I don't really think that the GPU was the problem as the mobo was still lighting up when i plugged it in (even though it wouldn't boot).
All the LEDs on the mobo wentout whe I pressed the bios switch button and I think that tre may not have been a second bios flashed to switch to which might explain why there's no longer any lights on the mobo...
The GPU is fine (back in my old computer).
All of my local computer repair shops seem to be closed on Mondays so I've got another day to look for solutions.