Dec 9, 2012
Hi I just bought pieces to make my new pc and they all came in today. I have watched a video on how to build a pc(since its my first time ever) and have did exactly as shown in the video. But then when I go to plug in my power supply, turn it on and press the power button on my motherboard.. There is no beep and nothing on my monitor. But also, my CPU fan doesn't turn.

I was also wondering if this might have something to do with it. My PSU fan starts fast, then slowly almost shut down, then I hear *Tick* and it starts going fast again, then slowly slow down, then tick and fast again over and over. And at every *tick* my cpu fan moves just a bit(like not even 0.5cm). My video card fan also slow down and goes faster as the same rythme as my psu.

Any advice on what could be causing that? Could my PSU be defective? Could my cpu fan be broken.. or even the CPU itself? I have already taken all the pieces out and puting them back in and it didn't fix anything. I've been over 10 hours on this build with the same problem now.. please any advices! Thanks

Here are my parts if it can help:

CPU: (214$)

CPU Cooler: (50$)

Motherboard: (190$)

Memory: (40$)

Harddrive: (85$)

Harddrive: (110$)

Video Card: (400$)

Power Supply: (120$)

Optical Drive: (22$)

Case: (120$)