Question New Build problems -- Pc reboots randomly, happens more often when overclocked.

Dec 31, 2020
A Few days ago I was helping my friend build a pc and I encountered several problems that are very concerning.


tuf gaming x570,
ryzen 5 5600x,
32Gb 3600mhz trident ram,
an old 1060 3Gb (going to upgrade to 3070)
750W Thermaltake PSU.

When working on the computer, the first thing that went wrong was a simple issue with an older boot drive that was easily fixed by going into bios and switching CSM to legacy. After that when plugging in fans a fan controller popped (i believe) after we turned it on and it smoked a little, that socket does not work anymore. With the boost mode from bios turned on and a loaded game, the computer will show an input less black screen with peripherals still on (RGB, fans, and keyboard) and will lead to a computer restart without a BSOD. This then happened without boost (league). I am very confused and a little worried, any suggestions? I read a bit and I have seen anywhere from bad GPU to bad motherboard and PSU. Everything is new except the GPU and the GPU has not had those problems from his previous computer. Also, we have run stress tests such as occt and 3dmark to see if anything will happen but it does not crash then, the thermals seem fine too.
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