Apr 19, 2010
I recently put together a HTPC
with the mobo

MSI 880GM-E35 Socket AM3 880G mATX AMD Motherboard

cpu: amd phenomii x4 840 3.2 ghz

ram: 4gigs of 1333 kingston ram

psu: antech earthwatt 380 80+

case: silverstone GD05 case

optical: sony optical

put everything together, fired it up, installed windows 7 professional
and everythigns running but for some reason the HDMI port doesn't work
i tried to hook it up to my samsung tv as well as my asus monitor, but both of them say no signal when i run it through the HDMI, im pretty sure the cable isn't faulty because ive hooked it up to my laptop and it worked
the vga works but the hdmi doesn't work

what is wrong?
is it the driver? ive updated the drivers and the bios as well

thanks for the help