New Build Questions


Apr 16, 2009
These are the parts I plan to get for a newer build.

Intel Celeron Dual Core E1400 2.0GHz
Asus P5KPL-CM Intel G31
Crucial Rendition 2048MB DDR2 800MHz
CoolerMaster 330 Elite
160GB Hard Drive
SATA Drives (DVD ROM, Burner etc.)

I don't order online (Canada) and just buy from my local computer hardware shop. I chose the E1400 because I'm planning to overclock it, and I don't game anyways.


How far of a overclock do you think I can achieve with the stock cooler? :p
I have OCZ FreeZe thermal paste, and won't be using the stock.

How's the Asus motherboard for overclocking?

Is the PSU included on the Elite 330 junk?

I don't game, use this for work mostly surfing and movie watching. I'm assuming it'll be better than that Dell I have now :lol:
Is the PSU included on the Elite 330 junk?
Yes, but it sure isn't a high quality 350W unit.

Ordering online from,,, and other sites can save you a bundle. Most online stores (Newegg is an exception) don't charge PST to customers from other provinces and shipping is often free on specific items or purchases over a predetermined amount. You can use to find good prices.