Question new build random crashes

Aug 13, 2020
Hi all,

I have a new PC build and I'm experiencing random system crashes. Most of the times I experienced it during boot, the system did not get through the BIOS screen - or at least there was no signal on the GPU output, the display was off. Today, I also experienced it during normal use (no significant load), the whole system was frozen for several seconds and then it crashed completely.
Regardless of if it happens during boot or during normal operation, it's not a complete shutdown. Right after the crash, one of the fans in the case keeps "ramping up" - the speed starts low and is rising, and after a second, it stops and starts at the low speed again. This repeats in infinite loop. Unfortunately I haven't yet checked which fan does it, I will check the next time it happens, as I'm unable to reproduce the issue now... Other fans seem to be spinning at constant speed.

In the meantime before I will find which fan does it, could anyone suggest where shall I look for reasons and answers? Here's what I think so far:
  • as it often happens early during the boot, it's unlikely to have something to do with the storage (NVMe and HDD) - or, if it would be storage related issue and the reason would be somewhere in the efi partition, it would manifest itself at every boot, since the executed sequence is always the same
    • although the HDD is from my old laptop and shows a "Rellocation Event Count" SMART value over the threshold, it's only used as data storage, the OS nor efi or GRUB are located there. From that I would think that the system doesn't touch it before the OS mounts it.
  • when I built the system (one month ago), I ran a memtest86 over night, no issues, so RAM is fine
  • when it happens during normal operation, it's not logged anywhere in the kernel log - I'm running Linux Mint and the dmesg log files are without issues, only containing the startup messages (first 5-ish seconds)
My specs are:
CPU: Ryzen 1200 AF (never overclocked)
RAM: Corsair DDR4 Vengeance LPX 2x8GB kit (@3200MHz with XMP)
storage: Kingston A2000 NVMe, Seagate ST9500420AS HDD
mobo: ASROCK B450M PRO4-F (BIOS version 2.20 - I did not check different versions very systematically, but I recall it was also happening with other versions - I was experimenting with BIOS versions for different reasons)
GPU: Sapphire Pulse Radeon RX 570 8GB
PSU: Gigabyte P650B

Thanks in advance for your help and suggestions