Question New build randomly freezing, black screening then restarting ?


Aug 27, 2013
Good morning all. I have recently built a new computer. Everything seemingly worked alright first boot up but have noticed it will freeze up and restart. It does this when working and has done it while just leaving the computer idling on the desktop.

My specs:
Ryzen 3600
A320m-h motherboard
Corsair 650 rgb psu
Kingstone a400 240gb ssd (which windows is installed on)
16gb adata ram 3200.

Any help would be grand. I have checked the ram via the diagnostic tool and no errors reported. Temperatures seem to be fine on both CPU and GPU although not stress tested as I'm not sure if it will make it through the test without freezing. Voltages seem to be ok. CPU, Mobo and RAM were prebuilt so should all be update bios wise.

Like I say everything boots up well and everything initiates but this random freezing and restarting is puzzling me.. any help would be most appreciated.

Just looked on my motherboard and it states Rev 1.2, hope this helps. But I would of seen that on cpuz no? And the bios I have is f53 which is the latest one.
try this step by step (read until end):
  • Disconnect from internet
  • Uninstall gpu driver (both nvidia and radeon) using DDU (clean and do not restart, so that 2 driver could be uninstalled without needing to reboot).
  • Uninstall all the processors on device manager (should be 12 on yours, also when it asks for restart, click on no) like this:
  • Restart the pc to bios, and update to the latest bios again. Then go to bios again after update and load default or optimized settings, and force the pcie mode into 3.0, then save and exit.

  • boot up to windows and install the latest Chipset driver, reboot, go to power plan and choose amd ryzen balanced, and connect to internet.

  • Install the latest nvidia driver.

    *do this all offline until reboot after installing chipset driver, also you may reboot to bios after all of this to set the XMP (and previous settings you did) and make sure ram is on slot 2 and 4. Download needed files (highlighted word) before doing step 1, do the step by orders.

    *this could be happened because there was a time that 300 series and 400 series got a beta bios that could do pcie 4.0, that led to some problems in both board, so they decided to do a agesa revision. try to force it on pcie 3.0 after all of this step. If you still want the pcie 4.0 capability, go X570 or B550, update bios to latest and install chipset driver again (and choose amd ryzen balanced).

  • And check windows update (and optional updates) if there is any and install them. Also enable Hardware Accelerated Graphics Scheduling (available on the latest win 10 update) in graphics settings like this and reboot:
Make sure the psu connected to the gpu is 1 pcie cable per 1 slot (use main cable, not the branches/split) like this:
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