New build rayzen 5 2400g . Show no signal on my 2008 Acer monitor but works fine on 2018 AOC monitor.

Oct 31, 2018
Hello there, today a built a new system with ryzen 5 2400g apu and gigabyte a320 motherboard, after assembling as I connected it to my Acer monitor ( 2008 model) it says no signal but keyboard led is on and caps lock is working. Then I connected it to my friend's monitor which is an AOC monitor (2018model) it just works fine. Then I checked my monitor with a another system but it works fine. I connected my newly assmbled system with another 2008 model monitor then also it doesn't work. I do not understand why is it happening. I am using the same VGA cable to check with every monitor. Please help me . I am out of my mind.


Jun 4, 2009
First off, go in the BIOS and select the iGPU as the main video adapter. After that, switch the memory allocation to the max which is 2GB.

This is usually the the two big things.

Also, HDMI and DP are usually the way to go.

I also had some difficulties with my TV. The signal was not strong enough, however switching the BIOS options I mentioned solved the problem.
Just to confirm:
1. You plugged the monitor that doesn't work into another computer and you got display.
2. You then took that same monitor and plugged it back into your new PC with the APU and still didn't get display.
Is this correct? During that process did you switch the monitor over to the other device without unplugging the power cable to the monitor?
If that is the case, try plugging the monitor giving you trouble into the new PC, then unplug the power cable to the monitor then plug it back in and see if you get display.