Question New Build reboots shortly after starting up

Nov 9, 2019
So I had an 6 month old system (mostly hand me down parts) that quit working late last month after a thunderstorm.

After replacing the PSU to no avail, I decided that I may as well just go ahead and upgrade the whole thing. I got it done today and I've been encountering a very peculiar problem.

After booting up, the computer will reboot after about 3-5 minutes. When this happens, all components except for the orange LEDs on the motherboard, will turn off, then back on, and the computer will boot right back up.

It has no problem when I go into the bios and let it sit for 30+ minutes, but once you go to the desktop, every time it dies in 3-5 minutes.

Currently I have (parts are brand New, except for the GPU):

I7-8700, AORUS H370 Gaming 3 Wi-Fi, 2x Corsair Vengence 8GB, Gigabyte GTX 960, Corsair CX750M, a 500gb SSD and a 1TB HDD.

So far I have: changed the channels of the RAM and pulled and replaced all the cables going to components from the PSU (except mobo and CPU which don't disconnect from the PSU end.

Here are some screenshots from inside the BIOS:



I'm reaching wits end here and it's driving me crazy, especially because on the first boot it stayed up long enough to download a 10GB file and play a tutorial of a new game.

Any help would be highly appreciated!