New Build- recurring blue screen of death on using Chrome

Feb 1, 2019
Hi all. I recently built my first pc- a process which went well, I found enjoyable, and has resulted in a computer I've enjoyed other than the problem listed. In short, I am an artist/ illustrator and I built the pc mostly to do image editing and creation with photoshop elements, premiere elements, and lightroom. I also wanted to do a bit of gaming.

The machine runs without a hiccup most of the time using any of the above programs; it works fine streaming to my xbox; it works fine playing Warframe and Fortnite. It only seems to crash when I'm on the Chrome browser (though I think it may have done it on the Steam app too which I have subsequently uninstalled). Generally, I'll click on an artist's website or image (not porn- really!) and something causes the BSD.

The BSD cause message at the bottom of the screen lists different causes. Windows issues a message after the BSD that Radeon Wattman setting have been set to default.

I'll list the components below. I did not update the bios on install. The only change I made in the bios was to set the memory speed to 3000. I did update the MSI driver from their website. I have updated Windows. I did run Windows' diagnostic tool to check the memory and received a message that everything was fine. Everything is stock. Nothing is overclocked.

Thanks in advance. Hopefully I've listed all the pertinent info here. I'm clearly not a big gaming/ pc building guy.

Ryzen 5 2600
Radeon RX 580/ 8 GB
AS Rock B450 Pro4 motherboard
G. Skill Aegis DDR4-3000 Ram (8GBx2)
Corsair TX650M (80+ gold) power supply
Crucial MX500 250 GB SSD for all programs
Western Digital Blue 1 TB
Windows 10 Pro
Wifi connection through a Realtec USB adapter

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