[SOLVED] New Build Ryzen 5 3600 on Gigabyte AORUS PRO-P (B550M)

Jan 18, 2021
Hi all!

I finally bit the bullet and upgraded my base system from the 2011 i5 2500k.

New to AMD and also new to the motherboard settings these days.

I just have the stock cooler and installed it according to the instructions (it had paste on it already).

System runs beautifully, but the CPU is running HOT at Idle (about 54C) , and when I run Cinebench it jumps to max levels (90C+).

I've taken the cover off the case and set it horizontally with no difference, I don't think it's the case temperature. I wonder if it's my BIOS settings? I have XMP off, and everything is just set to defaults.

Was hoping someone could help me get the temps down to a lower level, I have no plans to Overclock currently.