Question New build shows no display unless I unplug then replug power cord before I turn on my system ?

Oct 28, 2021
To start this is my first post and I don't know if I'm in the right category or not, but I just put together a new Ryzen build

AMD 5600x
Gigabyte Aorus B550i pro ax
Powercolor AMD 6700xt fighter
32 gb 4000mhz gskill ripjaw
Silverstone 700w platinum sfx
2 1tb wd black nvme (1 for boot drive one for game drive)
LG ultragear 1440p 144hz

Basically this has been a rough build but I almost have it perfectly done. The last thing is inorder for me to actually get input to my monitor if my PC is off I have to unplug my a power from my PC , plug it in and then turn it on and I would like the be able to just press my power button and have it start. A side not is when my PC is powered down but I haven't unplugged my power cord there on a few led lights that stay on( they are built into the motherboard and not error code lights as far as I know).

Any help will be much appreciated.