Question New build shuts off or freezes without any warning. Anything appreciated, need this asap for work!

Nov 8, 2022
-Gigabyte B650 Pro AX - Motherboard
-Ryzen 9 7900x - CPU
-EVGA 1000W Gold - PSU
-Zotac GeForce RTX 3080 Trinity OC 10GB - Video Card
-64gb 4x16 Corsair Vengance 5600 (PC5 44800) Intel XMP - Memory
-Fractal Meshify C - Case
-Windows 11 pro 64 bit -OS

I just built this PC and need it running for work. It shuts down or freezes without any warning at all. Its infuriating. When I say shuts down without any warning, I mean the computer is running fine and all of a sudden it just turns off. Strangely, the keyboard stays lit and when you turn it back on and properly shut it back off, the keyboard light turns off with it. I have tried everything including:
  • Replacing the PSU
  • Re-installing Windows 11
  • Replacing the video card with another brand
No luck. I have recently noticed that my ram may be incompatible with my processor since it is 5600 and my processor and motherboard i think only go up to 5200. I tried underclocking it in the BIOS by disabling XMP but I'm not sure if I did it correctly. Anyways, after that the same issue persists.
Dec 23, 2022
Yes, made sure the BIOS was up to date unfortunately that wasn't the cause.
Did you find your problem?!
same board, latest bios F3C, same CPU, kinda same rams but 6000 cl36, got a 850w super flower leadex se platinum, there is no GPU because amazon has not shipped it, also it happens on windows or linux (on linux it could be on for 2 hrs at least but on windows it wont last an hour), happens with expo on or off, there is no overheating, its not the PSU, tried with a working Evga and same happens, there is no ben pin on the mobo,