Dec 3, 2012
Ok so these are the specs, i decided i may as well go for a low end x79 mb and cpu as i still do video editing and such. The real problem is i dont feel like im getting all my worth for what i am paying. This will be used heavily for gaming, but also video editing, rendering and coding. What i see as a concern though is the 60GB SSD. It can fit the OS but i feel it wont be big enough. I play big file games like bf3, arma 2, moh, and other games like minecraft and CS:S and CS:GO. Money is not really an issue but i dont want to go over 2k. Suggestions, please? :D


CPU:Intel core i7 3820
Case: Corsair Vengeance C70 Black
MB: ASUS p9x79 LE
PSU: Corsair AX850
GPU: GTX 680 Lightning
CPU Cooler: CoolerMaster Hyper 412 Slim
RAM: Corsair 4x8GB (32GB) @ 1600mhz
HDD: Western Digital Black Caviar 1tb
SSD: Intel 520 SSD 60gb (Is this enough for me?)


Sep 7, 2012
i would get the 3770k. i was under the impression the only advantage of 2011 was more PCIe lanes if your doing some quad sli and more memory bandwidth. if your not getting the 6 core $500-$1000 cpu i dont see a reason to go 2011 over 1155. plus its more expensive.

32GB of ram is probably more then you need. 16GB would be plenty unless there is a specific reason you need 32GB.

a 60GB ssd is pushing it for an os install. windows 7 x64 takes ~20GB and you want to leave some free space on ssd's. try getting a 128GB.