Question New build system started crashing at tail end of driver updates

Apr 18, 2020
I put together a new PC yesterday, and at first everything seemed fine. The BIOS loaded and the windows instillation went smoothly. So this morning I connected it to the internet and started the update process. Everything went fine for probably 90 minutes, as windows did its updates, and I updated the motherboard bios and installed the drivers for it and the GPU without any issues. The CPU fan seemed to be cycling up and down a bit, but nothing to crazy, and CPU temperatures were in the 40-50 degrees celsius range.

After I installed the recommended sound divers, but before rebooting for them, the screen went blank and the system crashed. The peripherals still had power, the CPU and case fans were running at a flat rate, and the motherboard has an error light on for the GPU. After turning off the system and booting it up again, it seemed to cycle through the boot process once or twice before going back to the login screen, but then crashed again.

Now when I try to turn it on now, sometimes it fails in the boot up, sometimes it makes it to the windows login and freezes there, and sometimes it will work for 5-10 minutes before freezing, seemingly related to how long since I last turned it on. It has also crashed in the bootup troubleshooting screen, but seems to work fine in the bios. And it always fails in the same manner.

I first checked all of the connections, and have taken them all out and reinserted them. The only possible issue there was that the reset switch may have been loose on the pins, but fixing that has not improved anything. I have also reset Windows. Nothing crashed when the reset ran, and windows updates ran fine, but the same crash happened after about 20 minutes, before I could even try any driver updates.

Any ideas you have would be greatly appreciated!

System specs: MSI B450m Gaming Plus motherboard; AMD 3600X; RX 5600 XT graphics card; 2x8 gb Corsair Vengeance LPX 3200 ram, 500gb WD Blue SN550 NVE SSD, EVGA BQ 600w power supply.



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