New Build taking 3+ minutes to boot.

twisted politiks

Dec 3, 2008
sorry if this is the wrong forum, so let me know if i need to re-post somewhere else.

I recently (January) built my first PC. my specs are:

Windows Vista Home Premium SP2

Intel Core i7 920 Stock speeds

Gigabyte EX58-UD4P

G. Skill 3x 2gig 1333 running at 1066

EVGA GTX 285 2gig edition

Seagate 7200.10 ST3500830AS Sata 500gig HDD

Tagan 800watt Modular PSU

when i first put together the PC it was extremely fast, and would boot in about 15-20 seconds. about a month ago it started taking at least 3 minutes to load the OS. i have done multiple Reformats, and each time it the OS will load past at first, but as soon as i boot it up about 5 or so times, it starts taking 3+ minutes to load again. ive tried reseating all of my components, checking my RAM, checking my HDD S.M.A.R.T. and cleared the CMOS. im leaning towards it being the HDD, but im not sure, and dont want to waste money on a new one if its just going to keep taking forever to boot up. so anybody have any suggestions for me?


Jul 19, 2009
Old hard drive lieing around to confirm its harddrive maybe?

Not a solution but its what id do to confirm problem part.
If S.M.A.R.T. shows all green, then your hard drive is probably ok.

Try running some diagnostics.

1) run memtest86+ for at least a full pass. There should be NO errors.
2) run prime95 until the cpu reaches it's maximum temperature. With rounding error checking, there should be NO errors.
Monitor temps with speedfan or some such program. Also check that CPU-Z shows no cpu throtttling.
3) Go to seagate web site and download and run their hard drive diagnostics.
4) Is it possible that the maximum cpu utilization in the vista power profile is <100%?
5) Check to see if there are any motherboard bios fixes that might be applicable.
6) If the behavior is changing after a few reboots, then something is altering the system. Could you have a virus/malware?
7) Look in the task manager. Is there anything running that you are suspicious about?

---good luck---


Mar 22, 2009
it just can be a hardware input that fabricated a IRQ conflict in vista.
ie how many usb devices are you connecting to it?
pci cards?
video cards?
it maybe also need a defrag.
do you also get a bsod blue screen of death when boating. recovering orphan file bla bla and so on.

it can also be a faulty power supply not providing enough amperage. try to use all of your cables to supply the power and not one for your hard drives. in this case if you are running everything off one rail.

I had a problem like this before.
my problem was that a fan has had its life and killed the power supply.
extra hardware that is not needed may interfere with the power consumption.

even thou it is brand new does not mean it is defective. I have gone threw 5 power supply in one year. problem was the fan died out.

is the voltage of the wall outlet stable 116 119 125 volts or is it all under one fuse or breaker your place. maybe the drain on the power source the wall is not enough for a peak start. I eliminate this problem when I moved to another place but encounter something else. can be radio interference. is your case a made out of medal or plastic. plastic does not reflect any radio interference but allow it to pass threw.


might also be what you have had installed in the system.



Apr 28, 2009
Easiest thing I can think of is to look at what programs you install after each reformat, drivers/updates/security software try to determine if it is one of those things. You say it boots fine about 5 times after a reformat, sounds like software to me.

twisted politiks

Dec 3, 2008

exactly what i did. i actually ended up installing windows updates one by one, rebooting after each install whether it required it or not. come to find out its SP2 thats causing the issue. for some reason as soon as i install SP2 it slows down my boot up time like no other. i searched the internet for two days, trying to find a cure. tried everything i could find, nothing worked. and even if i went and uninstalled the SP2 from control panel, it still didnt help. so ive reformatted again, and have installed all updates up until SP2 and have since turned off windows update all together. been booting up just as fast as before ever since. lame that this would happen and nobody caught it in its beta. but whatever. hope this ends up helping somebody else with my problems. and a big thanks to everybody who helped and gave advice throughout this whole ordeal


Apr 12, 2009

sub mesa

Turn off ReadyBoost, it will slow down booting by reading applications you use alot, so its a kind of pre-petch. But it does mean your HDD is busy reading stuff it don't need at that moment. So disabling ReadyBoost will speed up the boot process, but may slow down starting applications after you booted.