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Mar 8, 2005
Hay guys!

this is for my new build (my first time! im a virgin =/) hopefully, everything will go all well! I've done some windows installs, and a few component installs here and there; so i think im ready!
anyway, heres what im looking to buy; critiques wanted!!1

<A HREF="" target="_new"> case</A> shuttle :eek: can't resist because of the $50 rebate!
<A HREF="" target="_new"> ram </A> 512mb; enough? the price is awesome, my friend has the 1gb kit and he says it OCs nicely too, so i want go to pdp and avoid the grossly overpriced corsair/ocz/mush
<A HREF="" target="_new"> HD </A> i really want to go seagate, but they're hella expensive =/
<A HREF="" target="_new"> IDE cdrw, nothing fancy. </A>
<A HREF="" target="_new"> lcd, samsung 712n-2 </A>
<A HREF="" target="_new"> 2800+ </A>
<A HREF="" target="_new"> read anand's review, leadtek 6600gt > * ?????</A> i know MSI would be a nice substitute, along with the -$20 or so dollars, but ive heard that they run hot in shuttles (which are poor at cooling; stock that is) so im not sure what 6600gt flavor i should get.

along with an "my dog ate my cdkey" XP; i think im pretty much set. Oh, this computer is mainly going to be used to gaming (not heavy, but a good amount) [hl2] and mostly multitasking, ie music, excel, word, firefox, etc; hence the 512mb vs the likely wasted 1gb.

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shawnlizzle =]

Feb 2, 2005
ummm, this setup is okay in a sense, but you said you'll OC right? well, the case kinda limits you in the OC department because its so darn small, so you can't really get good airflow. if you wanna save money through that rebate, might as well buy a tower case. they look better(in my opinion) and you get better airflow and more expandibility... also, the case comes with a mobo? wtf?

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