Question New Build. VGA light on boot. No Post. Problem with GPU?

Jun 12, 2021
Parts: Ryzen 7 5800x - 16GB 3900mhz RAM - New 750W PSU - ROG STRIX B550

On boot, VGA light stays on, no screen. I have had same problem with three different boards. Monitor cable has been plugged into GTX 680. The following is my trouble shooting.

  1. Removed GPU, tested only CPU and RAM. Passed.
  2. Plugged GPU back in, no screen. Switched PCI ports, no screen.
  3. Updated BIOS to most recent. No screen, reseated ports, no.
  4. Re plugged all power cables, no screen. DVI, HDMI, VGA cords, no screen.
  5. Cleared CMOS by removing battery. No screen. Re updated BIOS, no screen.
Two different CPUs have been used. Two different PSUs. Two different sets of RAM. Three different MOBOs. Only common item is GTX 680. This GPU works on another system. Been using it. Only has issues with new boards. Is this a GPU issue? I don't think its the MOBOs. Is the B550 compatible with a GTX 680?