New build want a new motherboard


Jul 31, 2012
so i want to get a new motherboard that can support 2 graphics cards in crossfire and some good overclocking possibliltys and ram rangeing from 16 max to 32gbs of ram in total aloud ram modules

heres my current specs

Ram current ram G.skill 2 modules 4gbs 1600 DIMMs

Video card currently i have a radeon hd 7970 oc gigybte
CPU intel core i5 3570k 3.4ghz
Power supply CX600 corsiar 600watt
Case Azza Teldo 301

I wanna get a new case if its neccisary to
i was looking at a ASrock z77 Pro3
or the extreme 3 or 4's idk just wondering what you guys thought i should get
i wanna keep it around 300 or under 300 dollars
i only wanna use Direct canda for shoping great deals and i trust them the most

-first, throw away that low end power supply.
-then use a better case.

i trust ncix more. price matching and 95%+ customer satisfaction is great.

this is a good motherboard

case i would recommend is not on sale for 79.99. but ill show you it

or this one. not on sale for 89.99