Question New Build - Windows 10 Multiple BSOD


May 17, 2017
Hi there,

A friend recently built his first PC with the help of his brother. Specs are as follows:
  • Asrock B450 Steel Legend
  • AMD Ryzen 5 3500x
  • MSI Geforce GTX 1660 Super Ventus XS OC 6gb
  • 2x8gb G-Skill ripjaw 3200mhz
  • Superflower Leadex Gold II 650W
  • 500GB WD green ssd
  • 2TB WD Blue HDD
After the install of Windows 10, everything booted up and seemed fine, but then he randomly got a bunch of BSOD Windows 10 shortly thereafter.

Tried resetting Windows 10 and doing a fresh install. We formatted and wiped all hard drives and then only connected the SSD. Using a USB and windows 10 creation tool, we installed a new Windows 10 Pro installation.

However, now it can barely make it through the Windows 10 installation without crashing or getting some new BSOD.

Furthest we got is booting up and to the desktop, before it BSOD again when updating Windows and drivers.

These are typically the DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION and APC_INDEX_MISMATCH errors.

This is our hail merry and last ditch attempt before paying a premium for someone to professionally have a look at it.

Any help is much appreciated!
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According to BIOS, CPU is 44 and the motherboard 28. Doesn't show GPU temp
Those are good but....checking them in the BIOS...they generally will be good because there is no load.

So you want to check them under load.
Two programs that will allow you to do this are Afterburner or HWInfo.
You run either one of these....then you run a game or an app to apply the load. With Afterburner....if you run a can display the temps right on the game screen.
Basically the cpu should stay under about 70-75 C and the GPU under 85C under heavy load.