New Build with Win7 Blue Screened on Prime95


Mar 5, 2009
I built my own i7 on a P6Tse motherboard with 6GB RAM and a 4870/1GB using a Xigmatek Dark Knight cooler. I have installed the Windows 7 RC as the operating system (less than 20 minutes to install once I burned a working DVD and about 20 seconds to boot up).

Last night, I tried running a stress test using Prime95 and Speedfan to monitor the temps.

After it was running (on all 8 cpus - the joy of hyperthreading) for about an hour, the CPU temperature was still 54 C and the individual cpus were all running between 48 and 50 degrees. I left it running and, when I returned to it about three hours later I got a blue screen with some errors that went by too fast for me to read them. I suspect that this was an issue with Win7 (it seems a little flaky restarting from the screensaver). However, I would like to confirm this and report it to Microsoft. Does anyone know where any log files might have been created either from Windows, Prime95 and/or Speedfan ?

Also, while I know that a single hour is not a conclusive test of stability, is it likely to have been reporting accurate maximum loaded temperatures by then and is 54 degrees centrigrade a reasonable loaded temperature for my build ?


Dec 24, 2008
Your temperatures should have stabilized after about half an hour, probably less.

Blue screens are often ram related, try running a few passes of memtest first before you report it to microsoft.