Question New build wont output anything to displays.

Sep 27, 2019
Hi, I've been having a pretty rough day with this brand new build. Anyways, my pc is not outputing anything to my monitor and I have tried connecting it to
2 other TVs but with no avail. It startups up basically but no signal is coming from it.

My build:
Ryzen 5 1500x
RX 580
B350 Gaming Pro
2 HyperX 4GB 2400 mhz ram sticks
850W EVGA Bronze power supply
Corsair Spec 05 Case

It's my first time building a PC but I have (imo) pretty good knowledge of parts, building, and etc. I have tried breadboarding with 1 ram stick, switching between the 2 sticks and cleaning them, cleaning the gpu port, and switching between different displays like I've mentioned above.

(Breadboarding w/o the gpu is impossible as Ryzen motherboards dont give out a signal unless it's a Ryzen APU.)

Note: I took precise precautions to avoid electrical static so I don't damage the components although most components these days have ESD protection.

- Edit: Just noticed that the CPU Ez Debug Light is on.

- Any help is appreciated -
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