Question New build won't post. PSU Clicks.

Sep 16, 2019
Hello, I've recently built my first PC. I turned on the power supply once I'd finished and the MoBo lights come on (has rgb). Upon pressing the power button, nothing happens, no fans spin up and the power supply just clicks once and then nothing happens.

I breadboarded the pc and went through the toms hardware checklist and still nothing, even with just the psu and cpu installed and connected to the PSU. I RMAd the PSU and the problem persists.

I ended up taking the psu out of my old PC (bought in 2013!) and plugged that in instead. The PSU fan spun when i turned on the system with just the motherboard cable connected, but nothing else. Once i connected the cpu cable (incompatible with the new motherboard as its not got enough pins), the psu fan did not spin up once i turned on the system.

I would be so grateful if you guys could help me get this working.
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Update your post to include full system hardware specs and OS.

Especially PSU: make, model, and wattage?

On the PSU - is there a small switch to select the incoming voltage? If so, verify that the switch is correctly set.

Do you have the motherboard's User Guide/Manual?

Double check that all installed components are indeed supported by the motherboard and that those components are properly installed and, where appropriate, connected.

With a new build cable connections can be tight and feel as if connected when that is not true.