Question New build wont post.

Nov 6, 2019
Hello people

PSU was faulty.
Symptoms: I just build my new system but I can't get to post. So the pc turns on, all LEDs lights up, all fans spin. But no Display.

When I first build it was working fine. I then took it home and I wanted to move the motherboard a bit closer to the io cut out. Which was simple enough because its on these rails on the back. (you might have to google the case to understand). I then tried to boot it up again and now its not working. I have tried to use all diffrent display outputs from the pc but no luck. exept HDMI that did kinda work where as I was installing gpu drivers the display turned off and then on again. I thought that was normal till it did it again. But this time the display didn't come back on again. I then tried to boot with only one ram stick, clearing cmos, install a diffrent GPU, Installed a diffrent powersupply.

I then contacted the store where I got mobo from. They just sent me new one. That did work for like ten minutes but it broke again. I am starting to think it's either the PSU or the case that is causing the issue. I think it's mostly the case fault and not the psu since that the system was booting. I know for sure the mobo is dead again. I just want to know if it's the case or psu.
I have also used a diffrent monitor to see if that helped. Nope.

Thank you so much for looking into this :)

My specs
Be quit 600 w sfx L
Gigabyte x570 ITX
AMD 3900x
G skill 3200 mhz 32 GB
R9 390
New gpu rtx 2080 super
250 GB ssd
2 TB seagate HDD
Case Be quit Da2
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