New Build Won't Start??????????


Mar 20, 2012
I just finished building my first rig, plugged in the power supply, flipped the switch, turned on the chassis power button and ......nothing at all. No sound, no fans, no lights.

I ran through and double checked everything, jumpers, USB's, 8prong & 24prong power to motherboard from PSU. No matter what I do, nothing at all. I thought that if it was the processor or RAM that at least I would see some fans and chassis lights switch on or some frickin noise from PSU.

Really don't know what to do now, don't know which part my be defective, don't know how to find out.

My mother board is a ASRock Z68 extreme 7 gen 3, maybe since I don't have a video card yet it wont kick on? I don't know.


Apr 17, 2012
You say you are using the chasis power button? Have you tries pressing the power button on the motherboard to rule out the possibility that you have got the front panel connectors wrong?

Otherwise getting no lights or fans at all is most likely a power supply issue. If you can get your hands on another power supply try that.

It won't be a problem that you don't have a gpu, Z68 boards will work with integrated graphics.

Best of luck.