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Question New Build Worked for 1 Month, No Post, Tried the Basics

May 21, 2020
I have lurked here forever, never had to ask for help. I'm stumped. I read the stickies and many many other posts.


AMD 1600 AF,
Gigabyte B450m DS3H,
16gb 2x8 Corsair Vengeance LPX,
EVGA GTX 960, Thermaltake 430w "Smart" PSU,
Boot Drive is 256gb Kingston A400.

Everything but the GPU was bought aprox 30 days ago, and has been working fine.

I left with it on one day, and came home to a DPC Watchdog Violation. I looked this up and it is usually SSD driver related. The process was frozen at 0%, so I restarted. Since that restart, I am left with no input on my display. No beeps. Motherboard light comes on and all fans run, but mouse and keyboard do not light up. The speaker plugged in next to the mouse and kb does light up, but I have never heard a sound.

So I first suspected the SSD or the GPU because of the blue screen and no input. However, I am able to test these two parts on my very old HP prebuilt motherboard. The GPU displays fine and the SSD boots into windows even on a different CPU, MB, and RAM. Through troubleshooting I have also tried, in no particular order: both sticks of ram in different combinations or solo on all slots, reseated cpu/ everything really, different displayport, different gpu slot, switch to hdmi, change monitor, rebuilt pc outside of case on non conductive material, tested PSU on the other MB and the already stated GPU and SSD, tried multiple old HDD, pulled the cmos battery for 20 min.

So i guess it can only be the MB, CPU, or RAM. AFAIK, I tested everything else working properly. I'm hoping I missed something or someone has a simple solution. My main guess is the MB, so I have started the process of returning that, but it could be 1-2 weeks before I get the new one. Local Fry's is sold out, as is everywhere else. My return date goes to the 30th, so I was wondering if people thought there's a good chance its the CPU or RAM instead. Is my best option to return all 3 now just to be safe? Did I miss a simple troubleshooting step?