Question New build worked for 3 months, froze, now bootloop/BSOD

Feb 5, 2021
I tried on reddit but unfortunately no one responded. There was some great help here on this forum that I've already tried to no avail. Description below.

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My new build was working for almost 3 months. During a Google Video call my computer completely froze (control shift delete did nothing). Forced a reset. Resumed my call and it froze again. Forced a reset and it worked for a few hours (gaming, browsing etc.).

Later that night it froze when I launched Valorant. Forced a reset but it just boot looped until the recovery mode started. Did a Windows restore to a month ago. Booted up and gave me an error about Cortana not working. My mouse was unresponsive but keyboard worked. Forced a reset and bootlooped again.

This time Recovery did not work. I don't have any important files and figured this is a driver/Windows problem so loaded up a bootable USB (Windows media creation tool) and attempted a clean Windows install. It froze at 70% (no mouse movement etc.). Waited 10ish minutes and forced a reset. Attempted an install again (clicking delete on the SSD first). Froze again.

After hardware troubleshooting (below), it freezes on the Windows loading circle and BSODs.


List anything you've done in attempt to diagnose or fix the problem.
  • Attempted a clean install of Windows multiple times. Froze during the installs
  • Removed and replaced RAM
  • Tried one RAM stick at a time
  • Booted without any USB devices other than boot USB
  • Memtest86, four successful passes (no errors)
  • Removed SSDs and attempted with only one installed at a time
  • Reseated CPU, reseated cooler twice
  • Removed fans that I installed the day before problems occurred
  • Reset CMOS
  • Removed GPU and ran off integrated GPU from 10700K
  • Over weekend will try out my 10-year-old PSU from my working (old) computer. May also remove and replace all power connectors on Mobo...
  • No spare Mobo or CPU to try to pinpoint a hardware issue
  • Removed all PSU connections and plugged back in
  • No troubleshooting LEDs staying on on the Mobo
  • Disabled secure boot
  • Disabled fast boot
Provide any additional details you wish below.
How can I determine what hardware might need an RMA? I've read the Asus mobo RMA horror stories... afraid it's a waste of a month and shipping costs... But I don't want to buy a new mobo if that's not even the problem...

Could it be both SSDs got corrupted? I don't want to wipe my working PC's sata SSD just to attempt a boot unless this is a high probability. I know crashing during an OS install is bad and I did it like three times... If this is truly believed to be a possibility then can I install fresh Windows on the working PC and install it on my broken one to test? Or do I need to wipe on current PC and then plug it into the broken one?

Thanks in advance, I have a ton of time this next month for gaming but I'm thinking this is going to take a full month just to troubleshoot/repair...


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Feb 5, 2021
There isn't a very big difference between them, they both hardware errors, and some WHEA errors are Machine Check Exceptions.

have you tried running a Ubuntu Live usb and running tests in linux?
I actually just tried that tonight. I installed mint on a USB, and it errors out immediately. Never booted linux before but the steps seemed too simple to mess up.

Initramfs unpacking failed. Decoding failed

Panic: double fault error code: 0xffffffff964dc914

Kernel panic: not syncing. not all CPUs entered broadcast exception handler

Shutting down CPUs with nmi.

Kernel offset....
Feb 5, 2021
I didn't even know they had a bootable version of prime! I had thought if memtest passed maybe my cpu was fine.

I will try that first thing tomorrow! Thanks, will report back.
Feb 5, 2021
Just thought I would provide an update if anyone stumbles upon this later. No bootable USBs would work for me...

I opted to borrow a friend's z490 Mobo and ram to test, and sure enough same issues...

RMA process with Intel and so far 10 minutes into installing windows I'm positive it was a dead CPU. Considering no sort of OC on the card I'm honestly shocked--I thought they either arrive DOA or they work... but just keep in mind if you're troubleshooting it can in fact be a CPU.

One thing that really chaffs me is that they shipped a 10700KF rather than a 10700K. It's a downgrade (though I only need that iGPU when troubleshooting) and they don't warn you... Seems underhanded that I paid $25 to quick ship to repair a defective item only to get downgraded in the process... Their support is awsome to work with though, great RMA experience aside from this.
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Vic 40

I thought they either arrive DOA or they work... but just keep in mind if you're troubleshooting it can in fact be a CPU.
It indeed can be, but is usually the last thing we look at.

One thing that really chaffs me is that they shipped a 10700KF rather than a 10700K.
You can talk to them about that, Think as you say the igp can come in handy, at least when trouble shooting.