Question New build


May 5, 2012

I am planning to build a new pc. Above is the temporary part list. The last pc build was 6 years ago with 4770k OC at 4200 Mhz since day 1.

I am waiting for Ryzen 9 5900 release date next month ( 3950x and Rx 5700 xt in the list are just a placeholder. i will buy 5900 on the release date.) and i will start buying the remaining parts.

I may not oc this time. but, let's say if i oc, what is the sweet memory sport 5900. Current generation memory sweet spot is 3600 mhz. Should i get 3600 Mhz sticks or 4400 Mhz sticks?

Also, can you suggest a graphic card for me? I do not play game. The most game i play CSGO on MG279Q monitor. But, i watch movies and photos a lot. My budget for GPU is between $ 200 to 350.

Your time and advice are greatly appreciated.

Since you don't play games and you mainly watch movies you don't need a 4400MHz RAM kit. That is overkill even for gaming., a 3200MHz is the best great price to performance overall and 3600MHz is mainly for getting high gaming FPS and a moderate price (4000 and above are super expensive). You're not really explaining why you need such a high end CPU and RAM when you barely play games or do any video editing.

You'd be best to go with the upcoming Ryzen 5 5600X price at 220$, 3200MHz RAM, and a Nvidia GTX 1660 Ti or RX 5600XT for gaming.