Question New build


Jan 17, 2016
I'm hoping this first build goes well, I bought a ROG Strix Z690-A motherboard, a i9-13900K 128GB of DDR4 Corsair RAM , and ordering aRazer Katana Chroma 1200 W PSU, and the 360mm Razer Hanbo Chroma radiator. I was hoping these are specs for a decent build. Just wondering if I left anything out in particular ... is 1200W great for the motherboard I bought?

And, is this the right cooler?

Razer Hanbo Chroma
  • Compatibility:
    • Intel: LGA 1200, 115X series, 1366, 2011, 2011-3, 2066
    • AMD: AM4
The motherboard I bought is a Intel Socket LGA 1700 capable of ruuning the 13th-gen i9-1300K cpu i bought


I would avoid anything that's branded with Razer since their peripherals tend to fail in spectacular fashion and the cases they launched were glorified hotboxes. As for your motherboard, you're going to need to flash the BIOS to the latest version before you can drop in a 13th Gen processor onto the socket. Refer to page 2-23, section 2.2, BIOS FlashBack option in your motherboard's manual.

128GB of DDR4 Corsair RAM
Is that 4 sticks? Might want to pass on a link to the ram.
The 13900K uses Intel's LGA 1700 socket.

The cooler must be compatible with that socket.

It looks like that cooler is compatible with LGA 1200 but not 1700.

You will probably need to upgrade the BIOS on that Z690 board to make it compatible with a 13900K. If you chose a Z790 board, you would not have to update the BIOS.

The 13900K generates a lot of heat. Be prepared.
It is best to post your list BEFORE you buy.

Do not worry about bios levels. A motherboard will come with the latest bios available.
13th gen was introduced last June.

What is the intended use of this pc?
Is it for batch apps that can fully load all cores?
If so, then a 360 aio might be appropriate.
If it is for gaming, not so much.
Games load only a handful of cores and the heat generated is not so much.
You might want to read this article about cooling a 13900K with lesser coolers:

If you will use a very strong graphics card for gaming then 1200w is ok.
Not so certain about that particular psu.
Do not be seduced by rgb, it will get old in time.
What is the warranty of the psu. A quality psu of that power should have at least a 10 year warranty.

For gaming, 32gb of ram is more than enough.
For batch apps that can use ram for workspace then 128gb might be good.
I think 192gb is now available.