New Build


Aug 4, 2011
Hi all, I'm looking to upgrade from my 6 or 7 year old HP. I was an A+ tech about 12 years ago, but I haven't messed much with hardware in a decade. I'm a former AMD fanboy, but I've pretty much been talked down.

Here's my current work-in-progress for a build. I was hoping to stay in the 600-700 range, but from my reading it's worth dropping another hundred to move up in the world from the Phenom build I was working on.

Basically intended as an all-around generalist computer for my wife and I. Moderate gaming, internet and email, and I'll probably do a bit of demo recording on it, but nothing really major.

Now, other than general questions about the build, that case/psu is just a placeholder for now. I'm currently researching options, there, and would definitely welcome suggestions. Thanks!


Dec 22, 2010
I agree with JSC regarding the PSU. (Here is a list of recommended PSU brands: Corsair, XFX, Antec)
The CPU is nice, but an i5 2500k is not much more that the 2400 ($20 give or take) and is arguable the best cpu for gaming.