New built PC dont connect to Internett because im messing Internett adapter (card) i have to install driver to the new PC

May 19, 2018
I tried to download a driver but dont know What driver i need. But i dowloaded a driver that i think i need to my seacond pc (laptop) and kopyed it to the new PC, but is the driver installed Then? What do i do when i have the downloaded driver on the USB to the PC. I dont know how to install it or make the driver work when i have it on desktop in the new PC. I need to solve this before the end of the weekend.
My new PC: core Intel i7 8700k. GTX 1080. ASUS ROG strix B360-F gaming, S- 1151. Phanteks e p400 BLK/MID/ATX/WIN2. And more, just Ask me if you need the rest
You'd need to download and install the driver for the adapter card and OS. The first thing is finding out what model the card you're using is and then downloading the relevant driver; but we don't know what it is as it's not mentioned.

Drivers can be packages or barebones. May be simpler to install via Device Manager (though I am making the assumption you've installed Windows), finding the adapter card and choose to install drivers that way. Choosing manual install means you can just point to the location you have the driver saved.