Question New built PC keeps restarting

Jun 5, 2023
So after i had my first laptop with a 7th gen 7700 and 1050 ti from 2017 i decided to built myself a mini itx pc with a few months of savings but after i built it and set it up a few days later it kept restarting.
Here are the specs:
Case:SSUPD Meshroom S
Cpu : i7 13700k
Gpu:7900xtx Sapphire pulse
Mobo:ASRock z790 m itx wifi
Ram:GSkill trident z5 ddr5 6000
cpu cooling : Deepcool ls520 with Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut Liquid Metal
Storage:samsung 990 pro 2tb
PSU:LianLi SP850Watts sfx
OS:Windows 11
Monitor: ASUS VG27AQL1A 27

So after you know my build , i basically built it in 5 hours and took me 5 hours more for set up and finding the first problem that wouldn't turn on and basically it was the classic problem that there was a broken ram took it back to microcenter and changed it to the gskill trident z5 , so after installing windows , all the drivers and updating the bios to 5.05 (latest version) i could play and watch series or movies in 4k without ANY problem at all cause i did all that at the moment with my hisense 43 inch 4k tv , later on i had to moved to another country for personal reasons and i took out the gpu and put it on its original box , arrived safely thank god and needed to take out the aio cause of liquid reason tsa wouldn't let me , and thats it , the cpu , motherboard , psu was in the case inside the luggage , when i arrived at my home i took everything back and put it back in its place and also added the liquid metal carefully cause as a sff pc user we need all the help with thermal as we need , but the application went smooth and carefully installed , also i bought a 1440p 27 inch monitor too and put it in the luggage without the box but with foam and original plastic bubble wrap packaging , cause here they sell monitors for like 2x the price , so the risk was worth it , gladly it made it through too , everything was fine , until i started plugging everything back on and like 2 days later the pc started to like restart every 5 minutes to 2 hours it would restart randomly between those times , i stress tested everything , psu was fine , didn't find any problem related to psu or cpu or gpu or ram , basically i did everything i could to see if the problem was psu or anything related to updates.
i found out that maybe could solve it but i haven't done is bios settings reset cause i dont know where or how to do it since i couldnt find a video about this mobo.

also i did some research and found out something about windows log and i did as it says and i found out I THINK its something related to the kernel number 41 error so i dont know if this is the main problem about my pc keeping restarting or not but if it is , is there any solution for me? is this error mainly about software or hardware? cause i dont think hardware wise is the problem.

haven't tried reinstalling windows or changing it to windows 10 tho , mainly cause internet is like 4mbps.
but im pretty sure like 99% sure it has something to do with error 41 kernel power...cause each time it restart out of nowhere when i check on event viewer it says critical error 41 kernel power...
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